When You’re Accused of Missing Jury Duty,
and Win The Dick Pic Lottery

Did you just get a phone call accusing you of missing jury duty? Well, you may be on your way to winning the dick pic lottery. If you’re feeling a bit confused, so was one very lucky resident of Denver, Colorado.

According to the Denver Police Department’s Facebook Page, a woman in Denver was recently contacted by a well endowed gentleman who identified himself as Detective Phillips of the Denver Sheriff’s Department. In the course of the phone call, the purported detective informed the woman that a warrant had been issued for her arrest because she failed to appear for jury duty. The man then instructed that she was to pay her bond with gift cards that she was to purchase from the grocery store. After hanging up on the supposed detective, he began to incessantly text the woman, which culminated with a message containing the glorious image of his crown jewels.

In its post, the Denver Police Department identified the caller as a scam artist, and further stated that they would “NEVER send…a photo of male genetalia.” So much for getting to know a man in uniform. That being said, maybe there’s still a chance to win a twat shot from a lady in blue.