The Manifesto

You’re a Man, Act Like It!

Hey… Hey… are you awake? My dick is this big and I want to put it on your face and take a picture.

Hey… Hey… I asked whether you are awake? I said, my dick is this big and I want to put it on your face and take a picture.

What’s that? You’re not my best friend? Oh… then I’ll just draw its likeness on your skull, and if you’re lucky, maybe several times.

Wait… hold on… You’re a woman? Oh… then I’ll just do this:

After reading and watching the news this week, I can’t help but feel that the media, in its effort to cover various allegations of sexual misconduct, has seriously jumped the shark. Rather than addressing the most egregious behavior that some celebrities and politicians have committed, they went much further and effectively declared every fleeting glance, impure thought, or misunderstanding between the sexes to be evidence of “toxic masculinity” and “rape culture”. They also killed comedy when they attacked U.S. Senator, Al Franken, who ironically was a member of a Saturday Night Live cast that used comedy to fight against the “PC” culture that was prevalent in the early 1990s.

The theme underlying this attack is that women and their needs and behaviors are somehow natural, normal, and socially acceptable — that the social world can be measured by how a women feels — while the behavior that typically arises from male cultural is viewed as unnatural, abnormal, and inappropriate.

By taking this approach to the interactions between the sexes, the media has not only implicitly declared men “evil”, but they have driven a wedge between the sexes by effectively deeming one of the sexes, women, more equal than the other. Such an approach will not only forbid men equal protection of the law, including in the application of civil rights laws in the workplace in such a way as to allow males to behave like males, but the media may also be complicit in creating an environment in which employers are afraid to hire men because of the possibility that even the most mundane act — a simple off-color joke — may result in an offense, and hence, legal liability or brand dilution.

This approach may also lead to de facto segregation of the sexes because men will act differently among each other than among their female counterparts, and they will have to do so in secrecy so as to not risk offense. Yes, the behavior will not change, it will simply be secreted, and the media will have therewith further divided an already divided culture.

This all leads to a really important question, has femininity become toxic to males? The answer is seemingly, YES. If women are permitted to be women, but men have to follow a set of rules that is completely alien to their natural being, then men have been subordinated to a set of rules that, while purporting to protect femininity, simply does nothing more than reflect it, and demands that men reflect it too. The demand that males so imitate femininity is by definition toxic to masculinity.

In fact, these purveyors of femininity have gone so far as to implicitly suggest that men are not to be sexual, nor are they to act as if they are attracted to females. Therewith, they completely disregard the biological factors that contribute to heterosexual male culture. Yes, heterosexual men are biologically predisposed to be sexually attracted to women, and that is something that society at large needs to accept. Men will check out women, make moves on them, ask them out, and sometimes will act with apparent impropriety, but men nonetheless need room to be men, and society must provide that room. These same types, the types who would have a problem with this statement, are the same types that have no problem with biological predispositions when it comes to feminism, homosexuality, or babies (babies do love boobies). In fact, these same types are effectively demanding that heterosexual masculinity be added to the DSM-6, and thereby be declared a mental disease, though homosexuality has previously been removed.

But worse than the media are those accused men who unnecessarily apologize, and you know who you are. You are the alleged predator who laments for your largely innocuous behavior to save your own skin. You are doing men no favors. Honestly, where’s the man who will stand up and say, “Have you been truly injured? Get over it.” In all this noise, he has yet to appear. But again, men are being feminized, so the mea culpas are to be expected.

I, on the other hand, make no apologies for masculinity, recognize that males are males, and recognize that each man is entitled to as much right to participate in society as his female counterparts. So if you’re a man, act like it!