She’s Gourdgeous: This Pumpkin Queen Has almost Everything We Need

Blond hair, Check. Fake eyelashes, check. Giant, exposed tits complete with dual, “I’m a mom” boobie juicers, check, check. Vagina… Vagina… Vagina…?

Apparently, Twitter’s @JamieZukoski, who created the sexy, paraplegic freak shown in the image above and who claims it was made for a work place pumpkin decorating contest, forgot to provide the wholly necessary lower-half, including the naughty parts. While we’d love to fill this Miss Piggy of the patch with our seed, unfortunately and due to a lack of a complete anatomy, it looks like this orange Frankenstein equals more spankin’ time.  Perhaps we could crowdfund a clown hole like Amanda Moats did for her sister Kaylee.

Derived from Original Image: @JamieZukoski / Via