Self-Flusing AstroTurf, So Your Mutt Can Take a Leak Indoors

Human technology may be nearing its apex thanks to Woof Innovations Ltd. According to its recent press release, its new product, Woofloo, whose name appears to be a combination of the words “woof”, the common spelling for a dog’s bark, and “loo”, the place where humans piss, shit, and perform all sorts of other disgusting bodily functions, purports to be a doggy potty that has an integrated “water flush that regularly rinses any urine from the toilet automatically.”

The press release also claims that the Woofloo is equipped with a timer that controls flush duration and frequency, and that the artificial grass allows for easy drainage and avoids fungus. The Woofloo comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large, and is easily drained by reason of a hose that we hope we don’t have to suck to get running. Woof Innovation Ltd. is currently seeking to raise $15,000 via its Kickstarter campaign, and asserts that a perk of that campaign is “an early bird price of $210 for a medium sized Woofloo….”

Despite the designer’s noble attempt to convince us to invest in its product, we still have one question: How well does it water a turd?